How to make your own glitter cotton fabrics from scratch

By Kate Hochschart The world of glittering fabric has grown so big that there’s now a whole new category of fabric to explore.

And with the arrival of cotton in Britain, the possibilities for colour-changing, hand-made fabrics are vast.

The fabric we know as cotton can be bought from craft shops for a few pounds, but what about the rest of the world? 

You’ve probably seen the cottony, white fabrics that have appeared in the past, but the new cotton fabric is much more versatile. 

It’s called glittering cotton.

It’s made from cotton, silk, rayon and other fabrics. 

“Glow” cotton is used for clothing, carpets, textiles, paper and paperboard, and even in the construction industry.

It has been used in the textile industry since the 1860s, and the new craze is the use of glitter-coated fabrics.

There are different types of glitter.

Some are made from polyester, polyamide and nylon, and can be washed, dried and spun into yarns.

Others are made of silk, nylon and rayon, which can be woven into fabric.

There’s a whole range of colours and patterns to choose from.

The colour you choose will affect how it looks on your fabric. 

Glow cotton fabrics are easy to make, as they are made up of silk and cotton, which are very similar. 

You can find a range of patterns online, but if you’re in the market for glittering fabrics, there are a few things you need to look out for. 

Silk glitter is a cotton fabric that has been dyed a colour that mimics the colour of the silk thread, so it looks almost like silk when stretched and twisted.

It can be a good choice for creating prints and other decorative prints. 

Rayon glitter is also a silk glitter, but has been dipped in colour and spun onto cotton.

Rayon glitter works best if you want to create a sparkle on your fabrics, rather than just create a colourful, shiny look. 

The new cotton fabrics come in many shapes and sizes, so you’ll want to choose the right one for you. 

Make your own You don’t have to buy a fabric store, or make a fabric-making workshop. 

A few DIY stores can help you get started. 

There are some sites that sell glittering, hand woven fabrics online, like this one. 

Other online fabric shops will stock glittering yarn, which is the same fabric that is used in fabric-makers shops. 

If you want a more traditional glittering colour, you can buy cotton dye from the craft shop chain Fabulous Fabric. 

Another option is to find a local craft store, which will have a selection of glittery fabric that you can try on and see what looks best. 

And don’t forget to take a look at your local craft centre to find the perfect glittering pattern for you and your fabric, too. 

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