When Cotton Cotton Goes Back to the Future, It Will Be a New Era

In a nod to his “new” look, the NBA star is reportedly preparing to take a nap while playing in a sleepwear shop, and it will be worn by him as he wakes up to the world.

Cotton has been a big part of the NBA’s “new era” since the last time it was played, when the Brooklyn Nets traded for Kobe Bryant in 2011.

Bryant had already had an impressive run as a star player with the Los Angeles Lakers, who went on to win three NBA titles and the 2006 NBA Finals.

But the Lakers had their share of injuries, and Bryant didn’t make the NBA Finals until his second year in Los Angeles, a season he would go on to have a breakout season for the team that would eventually win the title.

The Lakers then retired Bryant’s number in 2013, and the Brooklyn Brooklyn Nets returned the favor by trading him to the Los Angels Angels of Anaheim for a package headlined by guard Joffrey Lauvergne and center Jordan Clarkson.

In addition to having a new look for Bryant, he will have a new name as well, as Brooklyn Nets fans will be treated to the moniker “Cotton” by the time he wakes on a Sunday morning.

Bryant will have been wearing a white suit and white shirt, as well as a black jacket with white sleeves and black cuffs.

He will also be wearing the white socks he used to play in the NBA.

Bennett said in an interview with TMZ that he was going to have the Cotton uniform for “a few months,” before the Brooklyn Knicks drafted him in the second round of the 2016 NBA Draft.

The NBA draft is a year away from now, but Bennett said that he had some sleeveless shirts he was planning on wearing to his rookie camp in March, but he has yet to see any Cotton uniforms yet.

In a statement to the New York Daily News, Bennett said he is excited to be wearing Cotton as he prepares to step onto the court.

“I am excited to wear Cotton this season,” Bennett said.

“He is a big name in the industry and he is a huge part of my legacy.”

Cotton is one of the most popular new jerseys of the new era.

The NBA is not the only league that is moving away from the traditional NBA uniform, as the Cleveland Cavaliers are also reportedly planning to use a new version of their uniform as they prepare for the 2017-18 season.

Cleveland Cavaliers President and General Manager David Griffin said on Monday that the team is “planning on playing a more traditional uniform” in the future.

The new look is also expected to include some changes to the uniform for the upcoming NBA season, including some changes with the number of players on the court and the color scheme.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were also a part of a deal that was announced in April that saw the NBA move the 2017 NBA All-Star Game from Chicago to Cleveland.