How to buy premium cotton fabrics at Walmart, Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Home

The world’s largest retailer and the world’s biggest retailer are both now selling premium cotton fabric at Walmart.

The Walmart SuperCenter in Westlake, California, sells cotton fabric from Cargill, one of the largest private cotton manufacturers in the world.

The Walmart Home store in Westfield, Florida, sells Cargills Premium Cotton Fabric.

Both the stores are among the largest suppliers of premium cotton to Walmart stores.

The high prices at Walmart and Walmart SuperCenters are partly a reflection of how the company is trying to diversify into the cotton market.

The company is also looking to expand into apparel and furniture and has started selling more premium cotton products.

The higher prices at these stores are part of a strategy that the company has been trying to drive down prices for the past two years.

Last year, Walmart began selling premium fabrics at its stores at a higher rate than other retailers.

The company started selling the higher-end fabrics in May.