How to make a cotton fabric that looks like wool

By Mark L. Walker/AP Sport The sportswear company Zara has created a cotton yarn that could be used for the football field.

The company said Friday that the new fabric was inspired by the “wool wool” that is made from a particular type of cotton that grows on a variety of crops, including cotton, corn and rice.

The new fiber is also very light weight and lightweight, and it has the qualities of a fine cotton fabric.

The yarn is made of cotton thread and cotton fibers.

Zara sells it in two sizes: a large-diameter and a medium-dimensional.

“We’ve created a fabric that’s incredibly soft and lightweight yet incredibly strong,” Zara said in a statement.

“This lightweight, stretchy fabric is perfect for the NFL and the NFL-ready world.”

The fabric, called a cotton wool fabric, is a new type of fabric that was made by the Italian company Zagros.

It uses a process that involves a process of weaving, in which threads are woven together to make an object, such as a piece of clothing, Zagres spokesperson Stefano Mazzola said in an email.

The fibers are then woven into cloth, which can be cut into lengths and wrapped around the body for a personalized look.

Zara sells a range of sports and apparel products.