What do we know about the cotton lining fabrics in the Cotton couture collection?

Cotton couturier Emma Wylie says the cotton fabrics in her collection reflect the style of the era.

She said the fabrics were designed by a team of fashion designers from Egypt, including Elle DiMarzio and Paul Giamatti. 

“We wanted to take a lot of inspiration from the Egyptian textile tradition and also from the modernism of the garment.

I wanted to create a cotton couture couture piece that was more contemporary and more modern,” Ms Wylies said. 

The designers included Egyptian-made cotton lining for a number of the items, which included a floral print top with a floral motif and a satin-coloured dress with a pleated waistband.

The dresses are also available in a satiny cotton lining.

“We have lots of fabrics in this collection, and I think they reflect the different seasons,” Ms DiMarzo said.

“The floral pattern on the dress is inspired by the Egyptian weather.

It’s like the summertime here, with a bit of a spring breeze.” 

The fabrics also feature satin and chiffon for the skirts, and cotton-fibre fabrics for the dresses. 

Ms DiMarzi said the design was inspired by “the spirit of the cotton fabric”.

“I’m always thinking about the spirit of a cotton fabric and what it’s like to wear a cotton piece of clothing,” she said.

Ms Wylis said the collection was inspired “by the modernist fabrics that are still in the fashion industry”.

“This is really a reflection of how people in Egypt are wearing the modern fabrics and the fabrics they can afford,” she added.

“We’re all wearing them, and we want to have the luxury of wearing them,” she joked. 

Cotton couturiers Emma Wyle and Elle D’Amato will be making their debut at the London Fashion Week in February. 

It is not the first time the two have worked together. 

In January, the designer collaborated with a number to design a collection for a British retailer, Bunnings. 

Last year, she teamed up with Italian designer Roberto Cavalli on the same collection. 

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