Which fabric is the best to wear for the newborn?

CBS News’ Jacqueline Leavitt asked experts, designers and educators to help her choose the perfect fabric to help a newborn learn.

She said, “I feel like I have a child with me that I love so much, and that I really want to make sure that I’m making her as happy as possible, and making sure that she has the best of both worlds.”

According to experts, newborns need an airbrushed fabric that is “natural” or “natural-looking,” with the right amount of “fancy” colors.

They need a fabric that won’t fade or get stained.

They need a baby-friendly fabric, because babies need that to learn.

To find the perfect infant baby fabric, experts say the best way to choose is to find the best fabric that you can find at a local nursery, home or flea market.

They also recommend that you go to the store and try on a variety of different fabrics to find one that suits your baby’s body.

To help you choose, Leavitz asked a variety that experts said are “perfect” for newborns.

They include:Bamboo cotton, cotton rug,baby blanket,snowflakes and baby washcloth are all good choices for newborn fabric choices, according to the experts.

Leavitt said, “The baby blanket is great because it is very soft, it is a great fabric for newborn babies, and it will absorb water and dry quickly.”

She also said, “”The baby wash cloth is perfect because it doesn’t have a cotton smell, it doesn�t get stained, and you can wash it and it doesn��t need to be laundered.

And you can wear it under your pillow, in your crib or on the floor in your bedroom, which is a nice option.

“Leavitz said that if you have a baby that is very picky about fabrics, you can always go for a natural baby fabric that isn�t too “baby” like cotton rug or bamboo fabric.

She said she also recommends cotton cloth, which you can buy at baby supplies stores or online.

To learn more about the best baby fabric choices for infants, LeAVITTS blog post has more tips.