Top teal fabric used for military uniforms at Pentagon

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Pentagon is using teal as a key color for military uniforms, and the fabric is being sourced from a supplier who supplies military uniforms to the Pentagon, a Pentagon spokeswoman said Tuesday.

The teal is used to create uniform colors for the Air Force and Marine Corps and for the Navy and Air Force Reserves, the spokeswoman said.

Colonel Jennifer Wilson, the Pentagon’s director of military sales and technology, said the military has begun to work with fabric suppliers and is considering adding more teal to uniforms in the future.

In a statement, the Defense Logistics Agency said the Pentagon is now considering the use of teal for the military’s uniforms in a variety of environments, including when it’s used for combat gear.

“We’ve seen a lot of different uses of the teal over the years, and it has been the standard color of choice for military wear throughout history,” Wilson said.

“We have also experimented with other color combinations in the past, but have always used the most traditional teal.”

In January, the DOD said it was moving away from the more expensive and high-end teal that’s used in military uniforms, which it said could make the material more affordable.

It’s not the first time the Pentagon has used teal.

The Pentagon also used the color in the uniforms of the military police and in the U.S. Marine Corps’ uniforms from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Wilson said the tealeaves used to make the military uniforms are sourced from fabric mills and fabric manufacturers.

One source, however, said they’re getting more and more competitive.

They’re not going to go to Walmart to buy a uniform, they’re going to buy the uniform at a fabric mill,” the source said.