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By now, you probably know that the Beatles were all about using different covers for different albums.

But in the 1960s, it was common to use an image of a single artist, which made it possible to create an image for all of their albums.

There were also several other covers for the Beatles that weren’t based on an artist.

There was the “Fonzie”, for example, which was based on the song “I’ll Take You Home Tonight” from The Beatles’ 1968 album.

And there were some other covers that were a little more creative than the standard one-artist cover.

So, it’s interesting to see how many other covers existed.

There are over 200,000 Beatles covers in the Google News database, including many of the ones listed here.

If you look at the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, you’ll see that the cover was originally a white sheet of cotton fabric.

This was printed on a card, and a small version of the image was glued on to the card.

The card is still on display at the Beatles Museum in New York City.

The Beatles also covered the song Don’t Stop Believin’, but they changed the image for the song to match the cover, so that it looked like the Beatles themselves were in the song.

And the cover for Rubber Soul is another one that’s been around for a while.

It was an idea that was floated in 1967.

The cover for the track was inspired by the cover on the album.

In the early days, people would sit down and draw their own covers for each song.

These were made by using a pencil or a pen and paper, and they were then sold to other artists.

The covers were also used as promotional materials for the album and other releases.

In 1968, the Beatles used the image of their own image on the cover art for their first album, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts.

But it wasn’t until the early 1980s that the covers became more widely known.

So far, the number of covers that are still in use has grown to over 2,000.

But as you can see in the list below, they aren’t all based on artists or bands.

The list includes over 70 different Beatles covers, some of which were created specifically for the band’s album.

Some of the covers have been used by different artists, such as the cover from Sgt. Pink, which is a reference to the song from The Monkees.

Others have been taken from other albums, such the cover that appeared on The Beatles first album.

But you can also see that there are covers that have been created by other people, including those that were used by Lennon and McCartney to promote the album in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

So check out the Google Trends for your favorites, and then find more Beatles covers by checking out the images that were added to Google News.

And remember that when you search for a cover, the Google search engine will tell you which artist and band used the cover.

But if you want to find more inspiration for your next project, you can find many other examples of Beatles covers on Flickr.

The images below are all the Beatles covers from 1969 to 1987.

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