What’s in the Cotton Fabric in the NFL?

By The Associated PressThe NFL has been testing new, less-costly cotton fabric in the past two years to help improve durability and reduce wear on players’ hands.

But this year, the league is finally starting to get its feet wet with a new material that could be a big part of what makes the NFL’s new footballs so competitive with the NFL, which has spent billions on its own footballs over the past decade.

The material is called cotton cloth, and it’s made from cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon and polyurethane.

It has been a major focus of the NFL since the league launched its own carbon-fiber footballs in 2012.

The new ball is made of an anhydrous polyester blend, which is a softer blend of nylon, polyesters and polypropylene.

It is more expensive than the more expensive carbon fiber that is used in most NFLs.

The NFL says the material has an initial price of $5 per ball but that the NFL has plans to increase the price in the future to make it more competitive.

NFL officials say they will be offering the new ball in three sizes — the smallest, the medium and the large — with a price tag of $20.

The first two sizes are available now.

The company that makes the new football is a small player-owned business called CottonFabric.

It started making the new material about four years ago and has been able to keep prices low because it is so inexpensive.

The ball will be available for purchase for $10 to $15 per ball this season.

CottonFabry is the only company that sells the new product at retail, so it is not the only player-operated company selling the new balls.

But CottonFabri has had the advantage of being able to produce it for a long time.

It was already making its ball for several years and was the first to start producing a ball in 2015, said Terry Coughlin, who owns CottonFabrics.

It’s a really nice way to get the ball out the door and onto the field.

And it allows us to offer a more affordable product,” he said.

The team at CottonFabrica says its new ball will go on sale to players starting in the spring of 2018.

The ball is expected to be sold at a price of about $10 a ball, and players will have the option of getting their own ball for about $25 a ball.

The CottonFabrie product has been used by players for decades, but the ball is a new product that has been developed by a small team of players.

They are not involved in the manufacturing process.

The team at the company says they have only had a small part in making the ball.

It was a very quick process, said David Mays, a former NFL player who owns a sports-mechanical repair shop in Dallas and is the chairman of CottonFabrique.

He said he’s excited about the new CottonFabriz product because of its performance characteristics and how much he’s seen improvement in durability.

It will be a great addition to the NFL ball, Mays said.