What to expect from Italy’s training camp

Sport EN reports that Italy’s players will start training camp on August 19th.

A lot has changed since then, but most of the core members are in good shape and it’s hard to predict what will happen next.

It’s been a tough few weeks for the team, with a number of players having to miss out on the tournament, but the first-team squad should be back for the start of the Euro 2016 qualifiers in September.

While there will be a lot of changes in terms of how the squad trains, the key things to keep an eye on are:1.

The back fourThe back four of Andrea Pirlo, Giacomo Bonaventura, Andrea Piacentini and Andrea Barzagli are not the most imposing unit in the squad.

But they’re all capable of handling the workload of the big games, and they’re able to cover up the gaps in defence when needed.2.

The right-back positionThe right-backs are the most important position on the pitch.

They’re the ones that can break up the attacks, but are also responsible for holding the ball up and defending.

They have the most responsibility in defending the back line, and this will be an area of focus for the squad as they prepare for Euro 2016.3.

The midfieldIt is unlikely that the squad will be completely different in terms to last season, but that’s no bad thing.

They’ll still have the same squad as before, but there will no longer be a centre-back, but rather two midfielders and a holding midfielder.

This will make the midfield even more dangerous for opponents, and also allow the wingers to have more freedom.4.

The left-backThe midfield will still be the centre-half, but with the addition of Andrea Barragli, it’s likely that Andrea Pippo will have a more prominent role.

This is also where the right-sided players are likely to be involved.5.

The attackWith a number one striker, a number two, and a number three, it will be up to the attacking midfield to dominate the game.

That’s a big part of what’s happening in the attack, and will give the team a bit of a boost.6.

The defensive midfieldWith the back four, the defensive midfield has become the focus of attention.

With Pirlos back in the starting line-up, there will not be a defender left in the team.

There will be four defenders on the field at all times, but only one on the wing.

There are some doubts as to how they’ll perform in the games against Croatia and Romania, but it is safe to say that they will be the best in the league.

The team will start its training camp at the Juventus Training Complex on August 18th.

The players are expected to start training on the 18th, but we don’t have any finalised dates yet.