The cotton fabric that was found in the house of a wealthy New Orleans woman

ebay Cotton fabric found in New Orleans home of wealthy New Orleanians article New Orleans Police Department detectives searched the home of a prominent New Orleans philanthropist Tuesday night for any evidence linking her to the mysterious death of a woman found there in March 2016.

The property where the bodies of Marie-France Lafond and her husband, Robert Lafond, were found has been vacant for more than three decades, and neighbors said they have never seen anyone come to the house.

Neighbors say Lafond’s daughter, who lives at the home with her husband and three children, has no one at home and lives in the nearby apartment complex.

Investigators are hoping that a DNA sample could help identify the woman.

The bodies of Lafond (left) and her family were found in March.

She was 39.

Her husband Robert (right) was killed while driving a car in the city on March 8, 2016.

He was 44.

Police have not said if there is a link between the two.

Authorities have said the couple had moved into the house last year, and the building is listed for sale.

The listing says it is owned by Lafond.

The woman’s husband, who was not named in the lawsuit, told investigators he had no idea his wife was missing.

He has said he’s not aware of any money or property in the building.

The New Orleans attorney general’s office has declined to comment on the case.

Investigators have searched the Lafond home multiple times since March, and on Tuesday morning, they searched the entire property, including the basement, the front porch, the garage and other spaces.

They said the home is “in good condition” and has a “clean and functional” front porch.

A small fence around the house is gone, and a security camera on the property recorded the last time Lafond was there.

Investigators said there is no evidence that anyone else lived at the property.

The family’s property, which was valued at $10 million, is in the midst of a $2 million sale.