How to cut a cotton fabric with a sewing machine

With the advent of the sewing machine, a wide variety of fabrics has been created for home use, including cotton, silk, and linen.

There are even a handful of other fabrics that can be cut with the machine.

However, cutting a fabric using a sewing mat, or even a pair of scissors, can be difficult.

That’s because most fabrics are cut with a straight razor blade.

To avoid damaging the fabric and cutting yourself, you need to use a sewing mask, or fabric folding device.

If you don’t have a sewing device, here’s how to make your own fabric folding machine.


Cut a fabric piece to size Cut a piece of fabric to the size you want.

Measure the length of the piece you want to cut, then cut a 1/2-inch seam allowance from the end of the fabric to match the length.

For a standard fabric, you’ll need to cut about 2/3-inch.

Cut another 1/3 to 2/4 inch on each side to match your measurement.

Cut the rest of the length to the exact length you want your fabric to be. 2.

Cut two more lengths of fabric Cut two pieces of fabric that are roughly the same length.

Cut them to match, then measure each length, then trim a 3/4-inch to 1/8-inch margin from each end.

If there’s more than one length, trim that margin to match each length.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each other length.


Cut each length into two pieces Cut each of the two lengths of cloth.

For each piece, trim one end of each piece to the same size as the original piece.

Cut all the ends of the new length.

Trim the excess material to match.

You can trim the ends to the original length with a scissors or a sewing hook.

If your fabric is not very long, you may want to use scissors.

Cut one end and then cut the remaining end to the desired length.


Cut fabric scraps into two halves The scraps are now ready to be folded into two equal parts.

If the two pieces are the same width, you can cut two smaller pieces of the first piece and fold them in half to form the second.

You’ll end up with a folded piece of the second length of fabric.

Use a small saw or a straight knife to cut the two ends of each folded piece.

Fold the two folded pieces into a circle.

Fold them in the same direction as the fold they were made.


Cut out fabric pieces With a ruler, mark the length and width of each fabric piece.

The fabric should look like this: 1.

Measure your fabric piece and cut it in half.

Cut in the middle and mark where you cut your seam allowance.

Measure from the mark.

2, Cut out two 1/4 to 1 1/16-inch sections of fabric from the fabric piece you just cut.

Trace a line through each section of fabric and mark the beginning of that line.

3, Cut each 1/32 to 1 3/16 inch section of each of these two 1 1 / 2-inch segments of fabric into two 1 / 3-inch pieces.

Trace a line from the beginning to the end.

4, Cut one of the 1 / 1 inch segments of each 1 / 4-inch segment of the original fabric piece, and cut two of these segments into one 1 / 6-inch section of the same fabric.

Trace the line from one end to one end.

5, Cut a single 1 / 9-inch portion of the folded piece into two sections.

Tracke the two 1 7-inch lengths of the 2 1 / 7- inch sections of the one 1 1 1 inch segment and mark that area.

Traces the first line of the lines you just traced, and marks the point at which to cut out the next line.

Repeat for the other two 1 8-inch length sections of a folded fabric piece until all three sections have been cut into two identical 1 / 8- inch pieces.

Fold each 1 7 / 8 inch section into a circular shape and mark it. 6.

Cut 1 / 16-inch strips of fabric scraps onto your machine For the first cut, trace the first section of your fabric.

This is the area where you’ll cut out your fabric scraps.

Trace that section of cloth, then mark the area of your next cut.

Trace each section again.

For the next cut, trim off the excess fabric.

Tracing the fabric lines, and marking the end for each strip, will help you make sure you get the correct section of scrap.

For most fabrics, this is easier to do with a ruler.

For silk and linen, the first strip of fabric you cut is where the scraps will go.

Trace it out on your machine, and trim the excess so you don,t cut through the fabric.


Cut strips of yarn from a hook Cut yarn from your yarn needle.

Cut through