How to spot the new cotton drapes from

The latest in the NFL’s history of embracing cotton, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to unveil a new set of uniforms to complement the league’s new uniforms, including a dark-gray drape with white accents.

The NFL’s official website says the new jersey will be the second one since the league changed its uniforms in 2018, but the design will also be the first from the new “super-draping” fabric.

It will also come with an “anti-dramatic effect” for players, which will allow them to play with their jerseys off.

The new jersey has a dark gray, white, and black fabric and features a three-quarter-length sleeve that features a dark red trim, a dark blue trim, and a dark navy trim, the website said.

The design will be used in the regular season, the playoffs, and the regular-season finale, it added.

It’s a huge jump from the NFL jersey worn in the first season of the current uniform, which was red, white and blue.

The two-piece collar, white piping, and white collar button are reminiscent of the classic NFL jerseys from the 1960s and 1970s.

The old jerseys, worn in a variety of color schemes and styles, had three collar buttons.

The new one has a red button.

The collar button has been a source of controversy, however, because it has been called the “pocket-watch button.”

That was an offensive term for a team logo that was often used by rival teams.

The color scheme has been controversial as well.

The color of the new collar is a combination of white, black, and gray, the NFL said.

White is the dominant color and the new design is more blue than red.

It’s a blend of the two.

The team logo is white, which is the same color as the new one.

Black is the second dominant color.

The black collar button is a white shade.

The jersey is white and gray with a light-gray color-blocking trim, while the new logo is a dark purple-and-gray.

It has a three quarter-length collar that is red-white-blue-gray-white.

The black trim is a red-and black-white combination that has a white-blue color-striping trim.

It is a great change for the jersey.

It is the first time the league has made a bold new design, the league said in a statement.

The logo will be featured on the sleeves of the jersey and the front of the pants.

The pants will also feature a new, more colorful jersey design, with white and black piping on the chest, sleeves, and collar.

The shorts and socks will also get a makeover.

The team will wear three-piece, one-piece and two-tiered collars, and will wear an altered version of the traditional collar that has black trim on the collar button.

It will also wear a light gray-and white-black stripe that is a mix of white and red.

It appears that the new uniforms are being phased out.

The first season wore the traditional two-part collar and the second season wore a one-part, two-striped collar, the statement said.

This year’s uniform has two-tone collar buttons and a red collar button, the two-and one-strip collar and one-and two-stripe collar.

The first jersey was released on Sept. 9, 2018, and was unveiled with the colors red and white, the team said.