How to Make a Super-Easy Cotton Fabric Mask: The Basics

Cute, durable, and super-easy to make, cotton fabric masks are the perfect tool for your emergency survival kit.

But for a more serious-looking and practical solution, try a simple DIY mask.

Learn more about mask making from The Atlantic.1.

Find the right cotton fabric mask fabric.

Most cotton fabric can be dyed to look like a variety of colors, but there are several brands that can be used to create a mask that’s a combination of the two.

One popular option is to mix up a cotton fabric with a cotton wool fabric for a slightly darker shade of green.2.

Find a color and size mask.

A cotton fabric is much easier to wash and dry than a wool fabric, so you can use a mask for up to five days.

Choose the right size mask for your face shape, and wash it with cold water and a soft cloth towel to prevent stains.3.

Cut the mask.

Once the mask is dry, it can be cut into squares or triangles.

You can also add small buttons or other details.4.

Place the mask on your face.

The mask is an easy way to quickly mask up and show off your face while you’re on the go.

For a more elaborate, stylish mask, use a fabric mask and an eye mask to add more detail.5.

Apply mask to face.

Once your mask is ready to go, apply it to your face using a mask mask or masking cloth.

For the best results, apply mask to your skin first and apply it with the mask masking fabric and masking wool.6.

Put mask on.

To get the most concealment, apply the mask to the back of your neck and to your chin.

For better protection, apply a small amount of mask on top of the mask and then use a cotton masking material to add a layer of concealment.7.

Hang the mask in a place where it won’t get lost.

Hang your mask mask in your room or outside the house where it will stay dry.8.

Make a mask with a few different fabrics.

For extra protection, choose a variety or two of fabrics for your mask to choose from.

For a more detailed tutorial on mask making, check out the following article:The following tutorial demonstrates how to make a simple cotton fabric survival mask: